Computer Architecture(13-1)
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4190.308 Spring 2013 
Computer Architecture

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Chapter 0

Course Information

Lecture 1

Intro to BSV & Combinational Circuit

Lecture 2

Sequential Circuits

Lecture 3

Folding Complex Combinational Circuits to Save Area

Lecture 4

Pipelining Combinational Circuits

Chapter 1

Computer Abstractions and Technology

Chapter 2-1

Instructions: Language of the Computer

Chapter 2-2

Instructions: Language of the Computer

Chapter 1-4


Lecture 5

SMIPS ISA and Instruction Decoding

Lecture 6

Non-Pipelined and Multicycle SMIPS Implementations

Lecture 7

Simple Pipelined SMIPS Implementations

Lecture 8

BSV Execution Model and Concurrent Rule Scheduling

Lecture 9

EHRs: Designing Modules with Concurrent Methods

Lecture 10

Data Hazards in Pipelined Architectures

Lecture 11

Branch Prediction

Chapter 4-2

The Processor: Datapath and Control

Chapter 4-3

Enhancing Performance with Pipelining (part 1)

Chapter 4-4

Enhancing Performance with Pipelining (part 2)

Chapter 5-1

Large and Fast: Exploiting Memory Hierarchy (part 1)

Chapter 5-2

Large and Fast: Exploiting Memory Hierarchy (part 2)

Lecture 12

Realistic Memories and Caches

Chapter 6

Storage and Other I/O Topics

Chapter 7

Multicores, Multiprocessors & Clusters/span>

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