Complex Digital Systems (09-2)
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Prerequisites Students should feel comfortable programming and using computers. The course will assume some familiarity with a modern type system (e.g., Java, C++, Haskell, ML); a rudimentary knowledge of basic logic design (combinational and sequential circuits); basic understanding of 5-stage pipeline RISC architectures.
Lectures and Tutorials Lectures will be from 10:30 AM to 11:45 AM every Tuesday and Thursday in Room 209-1 at Building 302. Some class sessions are designated as tutorials. These are meant to address tool-chain and language-specific problems for the students. In addition, TAs will be available to answer questions about the coursework via email or appointment.
Grades Grades will be based on entirely labs/homework assignments.
Lab Assignments There will be 5 to 6 labs and most will involve a working demo on the FPGA boards. As part of the labs will be paper-and-pencil homeworks. Labs and homeworks are supposed to be done individually. Please note that these projects are probably too long to be done the night before the due date, so plan accordingly. Late work will not be accepted. See the schedule for details on due dates. Feel free to get help from others, but the work you hand in should be your own.
Computer Lab The computer lab for this course is in room 310-2 ant building 302 and it is open. The lab access code will be given out in class. Please see the wiki for information on access to the lab as well as documentation on machine setup.
Academic Honesty Policy Collaboration amongst students to understand the course material is strongly encouraged; however any work you turn in must be yours.
Course Reading Material There is no text book for the course. Books and links which would provide useful reference are listed on the resources page.
Computer Communication The TAs and instructors can be reached for questions, comments, etc. via email at Questions which are specific to the Bluespec language or compiler should be directed to bluespec-support mit edu. We will mail all announcements, labs, clarifications to assignments, answers to common questions, etc. to the course email list at