Multi-Processor System
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1. Energy PRofiler and Optimizer for Multi-Processor
  • Design of a system development tool, ePRO-MP
  • Profiles both performance and energy consumption of multi-threaded applications
  • Presents the analysis results in the program, thread, and function levels
  • Performance profiling using performance monitoring counters
  • Energy profiling using an energy model without requiring a power measurement equipment
  • Performance data and a regression-based energy model
  • A limited support for automatic optimization functions based on the profiling results
  • 2. Power model for ARM11 MPCore
  • A~F : Coefficient
  • Instr : the number of instructions
  • DL1Access : the number of L1 data accesses
  • L2 access : the number of L2 cache accesses
  • DataDep : the number of stall cycles
  • cohTrans : the number of coherence transactions
  • time : program execution time
  • 3. Automatic optimizer for a producer-consumer application
  • Analyze the synchronization time between the producer and consumer threads
  • Find the near-optimal number of threads for each producer and consumer
  • 4. Published papers
  • Wonil Choi, Hyunhee Kim, Wook Song, Jiseok Song, and Jihong Kim, "ePRO-MP: A Tool for Profiling and Optimizing Energy and Performance of Mobile Multiprocessor Applications," Journal of Scientific Programming, Vol. 17, Issue 4, pp. 285-294, December 2009
  • Wonil Choi, Hyunhee Kim, Wook Song, Jiseok Song, and Jihong Kim, "ePRO-MP: energy PRofiler and Optimizer for MultiProcessors," Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE’09), Nice, France, April 21-23, 2009
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