Logic Design (10-2)
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4190.201 Fall 2010
Logic Design

Lecture Note

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Lecture 1

Course Overview

Chap 1


Chap 2

Combinational Logic

Chap 2 Appendix

Switch Implementation

Chap 3

Working with Combination Logic

Chap 4

Combinational Logic Technologies

Chap 4 Appendix

Non Gate Logic

Chap 5

Case Studies in Combinational Logic Design

Chap 6

Sequential Logic Design

Chap 7

Finite State Machines

Chap 8

Working with Finite State Machines

Chap 9-1

Sequential Logic Technologies 1

Chap 9-2

Sequential Logic Technologies 2

Chap 10

Case Studies in Sequential Logic Design

Chap 3 QM

Working with Combinational Logic

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