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[특강] Mobile Phones and Multicores: Programming Nightmare or Architectural Renaissance

이성진  l  2009 . 11 . 11

주제:  Mobile Phones and Multicores: Programming Nightmare or Architectural Renaissance

날짜: 2009년 10월 15일


대상: KAIST 교수, 학생, 연구원 등



In the developing world a mobile phone is the only computer most people have. With countries like India getting seven million new mobile phone customers per month, mobile devices and the associated services infrastructure are going to be the main drivers for both industry and research. In this new world, power and cost constraints completely determine functionality. Meeting power and cost constraints for mobile devices and sensors is much easier through dedicated chips than via software programmability. This vision is counter to the steadily decreasing new chip-starts in industry driven by rising chip development costs. A fundamental shift is needed in the current design flow of systems-on-a-chip (SoCs) to fulfill this demand in a cost-efficient manner. We will present a method of designing systems that facilitates synthesis of complex SoCs from reusable “IP” modules. The technical challenge is to provide a method for connecting modules in a parallel setting so that the functionality and the performance of the composite are predictable.