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[ܿ ؿܼ ܱ ] Computer Architecture: A Constructive Approach

  l  2011 . 12 . 04

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Computer Architecture: A Constructive Approach

(ܱ Ȩ:

̷ : Professor Arvind (MIT ±/SNU WCU ±)

ǽ : Kermin Elliott Fleming (MIT EECS ڻ),



: б ǻͰк 302 209ȣ

: 2012 1 9() ~ 13() ( 9 30 ~ 5 30)

: 2012 12 31ϱ

ο: 15 ( )

ְ: б Ӻ ý

ϵ/Ʈ ȯ

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 A new subject to teach the fundamental principles of computer architecture via implementation of different versions of pipelined machines with caches, branch predictors and virtual memory. Emphasis on architectural descriptions that can be both simulated and synthesized into real hardware or run on FPGAs. The use and design of test benches.

Topics: Combinational circuits including adders and multipliers, multi-cycle and pipelined functional units, RISC Instruction Set Architectures (ISA), non-pipelined and multi-cycle processor architectures, 2-to-5 stage in-order pipelined architectures, processors with caches and hierarchical memory systems. Time permitting: TLBs and page faults, I/O interrupts.

Format: Daily Morning lectures followed by afternoon laboratory assignments to be written in Bluespec, a high-level hardware description language. Bring your laptops.

Audience: Intended for students who want to apply computer science techniques to complex hardware design. Familiarity with an object-oriented language such as Java, C++ is assumed. No prior knowledge of computer architecture is required.

Both Undergraduates and Graduates are welcome.  Undergraduates will be given a higher priority.


Be the first one to learn a new style of computer architecture education

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ܱ ´ MIT ± б WCU ؿû Arvnid Ѵ. Arvind ̱Ѹ(National Academy of Engineering) ȸ MIT ǻ ΰ (CSAIL, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) åڷμ Ȱ ̴. Ⱓ ǻ о ڷμ ޾, ǻ о ְ ִ IEEE Fellow, ACM Fellow Ȱϰ ִ. Arvind 1969 ڰ л縦 Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur ް, University of Minnesota ǻ , ڻ 1972, 1973⿡ ޾Ҵ. ̵غ University of California, Irvine 1979ʹ MIT ϰ , 1985 CSAIL Computation Structures Group ռ Ȱ ϰ ִ.

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  Java, C++ OOP α׷ ʿ


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Ȩ( Ͽ 2011 12 20ϱ û


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netbook ƴ labtopʿ( ʼ )

labtop 뿩 -> ü޴ -> IT -> S/W û -> ķ۽ "û"ư Ŭϸ 6,000 뿩


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