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Microsoft Devises Faster, More Power-Efficient Mobile Browsing System

cares  l  2013 . 01 . 30 (03/05/12) Gareth Morgan 

Microsoft is developing PocketWeb, a mobile browser system that offers faster search results and conserves battery life. PocketWeb is designed to predict which Web sites a user is likely to visit and then pre-fetch the Web addresses. Microsoft's Dimitrios Lymberopoulos is leading the development effort, which includes profiling the browsing patterns of 8,000 Bing users via their mobile Web access logs. An analysis of the logs found that users typically visited a small number of Web sites very often and a larger number far less frequently. The researchers also were able to predict whether a user was likely to visit a familiar page or a new destination based on the time of day and current activity, and determined that it would make less sense to pre-fetch data when users are exploring new Web pages. "For about 80 percent to 90 percent of the users we can accurately pre-fetch 60 percent of the [uniform resource locators] within two minutes before the request," the researchers say. The researchers also found that pre-fetching data used the same or less energy in up to 98 percent of cases.

From : ACM TechNews, March, 7, 2012

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